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Joseph Monroe Northrup was born Jul 26, 1881 the son of Daniel Harold Northup and Florentine CUEVAS in Harrison, Ms. He married Christina Cuevas on 23 Oct 1900 and had at least two sons, Leroy Northrup and Harry Northrop who changed his name from Northrup to Northrop on a bet over a pig, and a daughter, Rena. Leroy always maintained the name should be "North" "up" and it originally was. Monroe died Jan 21, 1938.

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Joseph Monroe Northrup Family

Children of Joseph Monroe and Christina (Cuevas) Northrup

Harry born 15 August 1901 M. Rovine ??
Leroy b. Feb 27, 1908 M. Etha ?? d. May 19, 1979
Rena M. ?? Ladner
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